Drivers of financial inclusion through innovation

Vela is a financial technology solutions company focused on
building ground breaking fintech solutions for enterprises.


We want to build innovative products and not just talk it. Every one of our solution is attacking an underserved issue or a moonshot opportunity.

Value Adding to Stakeholders

We believe in value adding innovation not value destroying innovation. We would not build solutions that would erode our market value but rather increase it.


We want our products to directly or indirectly impact on millions of lives.

Alliances & Ecosystems

We believe that by building products that help make our partners stronger and better, we also become stronger. We strive to help make the financial sector stronger with every one of our ideas and projects.


Some of our financial technology solutions.


Coming soon

A web based reconciliation Platform for commerce businesses of different sizes.

Digital Banking App

Coming soon.

A mobile banking app solution that enables bank customers to do banking anytime anywhere.